How am I to know whats right or wrong?

Welcome to the Official Phoenix Anime Productions website.

A note from the creator: Hey guy's! This is Chloe-San, better known as CloFlo217, if you've followed this link from my deviant art or my youtube (ThePhoenixAnime217) your in the right place.

Here on this site are little extra bits and bobs for you guy's to check out such as character profiles and the soundtrack, (song suggestions are appreciated).

And extra images exclusive to the site, yup, never been seen of Deviant Art! ^ ^

Please enjoy having a look around and please sign the guestbook, I really want to know what you guy's think of this project and any suggestions on how I can approvement are always appreciated, just no bashing or character stealing, please.

Thank you!

Sincerely yours ~ CloFlo217/Chloe-San


P.S Fan art will be greatly appreciated, how ever, I will no accept Yaoi, Yuri and if you have ponders about any others pairings, just ask.