Oh by the way, if you see the name Limika anywhere, I was supposed to put Escence, I have no idea why i used that name. She was supposed to be a character but I scrapped her and meant to put Escence in instead.

~ Silhouettes of the Coming Fire ~

Chapter II

It took some time to set up the temporary camp, as well as before that, getting the injured in the most comfortable conditions they could salvage. Rows of injured victims laid across on torn blankets, beside them there friends or in some cases loved ones sat beside them, those that were less injured were certainly healing well and most likely ready for the next battle. Those more severely injured would most likely never have to see the battlefield again. Some would consider this lucky, but there current conditions didn't exactly scream "lucky". Some were motionless or sleeping, others continued to groan in there agonising state, including Black Out.

Sat beside him was a dear friend, Limika. Her eyes were dark pink and seemed to shimmer, her hair was long, straight and a striking black with a pink stripe in her front locks. She sat next to Black Out, stroking his fringe that covered one eye. Black Out tried to force a smile but the pain was too great so it just came out as another groan. Limika kissed him on the cheek and patted his head.

"I promise, you'll feel better soon." she said,

"What if I don't!" he cried, "I know better! Wounds like this never heal!"

Limika didn't know how to respond to this, she knew in most cases like this, death was more likely, over hearing this, Drakius approached them and sat down by Limika.

"Listen! I told you how to know the difference between reality and fantasy but you know both of us won't let you die."

Black Out just stared at Drakius, knowing full well that he was right, he nodded.

"Don't blame yourself for that boys death, you know it's there fault!"

Black Out nodded again, he knew who Drakius was referring to.

"I tried my best!" He said through tears,

"I know you did." Drakius replied calmly,

It was times like this that made hope seem unknown and the anger rise within himself, Black Out almost lost his live trying to save one his own. Right now, all Drakius could think about was revenge, the blue's were going to pay with there lives for this!

Trust me to get left behind, as usual! A young soldier mused to himself, his white skin looking grey in the shadow he was hiding in. The sky was alive with rage during the battle, the smoke, the fire choked it of it's tranquil blue and had turned a blood red with the swirling black of the smoke. Now, he was hiding among it's aftermath, the sky was just regaining it's blue form, the twin suns were gleaming like polished diamonds but this proved troublesome for him. His white skin would reflect the light and the blues would pick him up instantly. He slid across one of the few remaining walls that stood, hugging closely to the shade. There were blues there at that moment, he took his chance. The soldier leapt out of hiding, sprinted for a few seconds then ducked down into another shaded spot. Whether it was the heat or the fear, he didn't care but sweat was running down his forehead, his breathing was heavy and his leg injury he had sustained during the battle was causing him much discomfort. Suddenly, his nose picked up a scent.

"Aw, Crap!" he whispered to himself,

Blues had entered the area.

"I swear I saw something!" he heard one say, DOUBLE CRAP!!!

"Yeah, I think I saw it too." Another commented, " I think he's behind that wall."

The soldier held his breath as he heard footsteps coming in his direction, triple crap!

"Where the hell are you two going?!" yelled a rather gruff voice,

"Saw a pale skin, behind that wall!" The other called back,

The other blue slapped the back of his head. "IDIOT! He knows we're here for sure now!"

The pale skin chuckled quietly too himself, blue skins weren't well known for there stealth.

"Stand back, I'll fire on that sector, flush the little creep out of hiding!" The gruff one announced,

DAMN IT!!!!! Playtime was over, the pale skin heard the weapon charging, he quickly whipped out a stolen blue skin pistol, quickly peaked out behind the wall and fired. Surprisingly, he hit the gruff one with the heavy weapon over his shoulder right in between the eye's! His rich blue blood exploded everywhere, splatting on rubble and on the faces of the two who had originally spotted him.

"WHAT THE FRONT END LOADER WAS THAT?!" one of them screamed,

The other turned around only to get a laser bolt in his thigh, he screamed as he fell to the ground.

"Don't worry buddy, I'll get him for ya's!!!" said the last one standing, he drew out his own pistol and fired on the pale skin who quickly ducked back behind the wall. That was no good, the plasma shots melted right through the crumbled marble. The pale skin fired few more random shots and made a run for it. He quickly leapt behind a load of battered crates, landing in a puddle of blue skin weaponry fuel. There was no time to save his breath, he looked out from his hiding place to see the other blue in puddle of his own blood. The young soldier sighed with relief and leant back against the crates.

"I'm good!" he said to himself,

Celebration was over, he knew staying in the area would mean trouble. He heaved himself back on to his feat and started what would most likely be a long walk. He wasn't where he was going or where the rest of his kind had gone but anywhere was better than here, except maybe red skin territory.

Evening had set in by the time a small structure had been built. The pale skins had moved the injured in just before the night set in. The very few soldiers that were left to sit outside, some were hovering around the area. They weren't going to take any chances of another attack. Drakius himself was out there with them. He stood by the entrance, ever vigilant. He noticed one soldier was exhausted. His wings continued to drupe down, his eye's closing then flicking open again.

"Look, if your that tired, have a rest. I'm not going to snap your head of soldier." Drakius said dryly,

The soldier nodded, he leaned his head against a crate of supplies and within seconds he was asleep. Drakius continued to watch the horizon, why? No reason, he half hoped to see more survivors in the distance, but that was most un-likely. The pale skin named; Kujin stepped outside to join the others on patrol.

"Evening, sir!" He said to Drakius saluting,

Drakius just replied with a nod,

Whew! He's in a good mood! "How are your wounds? Healing well, I hope."

"Yes, thank you. And you?"

Kujin rubbed the first aid dressing on his head, "Yeah, OK I think."

Kujin looked at his leaders face, he was in deep thought.

"Ooh, know that face, what are you thinking about?" he asked,

A few seconds silence passed, "The blues and the weaponry they own! We need something effective, something that can get past that machinery."

"But sir, with all due respect, that's impossible, we've never been able to do an effective strike because . . . "

"Spare me the obvious, soldier!" Drakius snapped, "I'm talking about trying new tactics or maybe even building our own weaponry."

Kujin didn't know how to respond to what Drakius had said, at least not about the weaponry. He wasn't within the right side species to know.

"Uh . . . tactics, how about trying to get around the weaponry?" he said backing away slightly, he still remembered what happened last time he made a wild suggestion,

"Tried it! We need to do something un-expected and do it soon, our men are depleting so rapidly!" Drakius slipped back into thought, his men were depleting, this would be there last stand, if they were wiped out, the blue's would reach the next pale skin sector, then the next and the next. They would be wiped out, they were only peaceful villages, Drakius and his own men were the only one's with any combat training.

"Well, I'll leave you to think, sir!" Kujin said nervously,


Oh great! "Y-ye-yes, sir?"

"Check if Black Out's ok."

Kujin saluted and entered the small cabin-house like . . . . thing. It was shabby but it would have to do for now. A great majority of the wounded were now asleep, but Kujin could see Black Out shifting around in the corner. Poor kid, Kujin wandered over to him and sat down beside him. Black Out rolled over and his eye's met with Kujin's.

"Hey buddy, how' you feeling now?" he asked,

Black Out just groaned in response.

"That good, huh?" Kujin replied patting the boy's head,

It was then he noticed Black Out had tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Hey, what's the matter?"

Though it was painful, Black Out tried to heave himself upright, Kujin helped him up into a sitting position, wincing slightly at the sight of Black Out's hideous injury's. Both his arms were broken and rapped tightly in band aids. His wings were tattered and torn in so many places. Kujin even thought he could see a bit of bone. Parts of his body were still stained with blood. For some reason, Kujin thought it wasn't only the pain that was causing the tears that were still pouring from his eye's.

"I can't believe he died!" he cried out loud,

"Shhhh," Kujin put his arm round Black Out, he knew, in fact everyone knew about the death of young pale skin Black Out tried to save.

"I tried to save him, I tried so hard!" Black Out sobbed, a few pale skins awoke from the noise, "It's all my fault!"

His crying had just about woken up everyone by now, including Limika. She quickly went over to them and tried her hardest to comfort Black Out.

"Black Out, please stop! It wasn't your fault!" she continued to say, but Black Out continued to protest against her words,

"Yes it is! I was meant to look out for him! I didn't, It's all my fault! ALL MY FAULT!!!" His crying was slowly turning into screams. The soldiers sitting outside could hear the commotion. Drakius continued to grow more and more furious. The blue skins were the cause of this, all this pain, the struggle, they were to blame. Drakius could see the memory flash before his eye's, he remembered the promise he made, to keep the boy safe. He intended to do so, failure was not an option but they only seemed to be a few steps away from that door. The ambush on there camp was truly the killer shot, now all the Blue's had to do was scrape away the rest of mess that remained. Well, Drakius wasn't going to even let them plan the next assault. He turned to the remaining soldiers.

"Men, grab what ever weapons and supplies you can carry. Tonight we take back what is ours!"

The lone soldier continued his walk, how long had it been? Hours most likely. His legs were aching, his wound stung, and his wings felt like two tonnes of titanium were strapped to his back. Still, he carried on his evening stroll taking full advantage of the torch feature on the small pistol, which was low on battery! Damn, things are not going my way, he thought. Just then, the torch went out. He swore under his breath, now all he could rely on was natural senses, and with every step he took, it was diminishing by the second. It was pitch black, he couldn't see anything at all. Suddenly something in his head screamed "STOP!!!" and he did just that. He felt an unusual draft come from . . . somewhere? He crouched down to the ground, and stretched his arm out to . . . nothing! Truth behold, he had just nearly walked over a cliff edge. Wait, this was good! There base was settled near a cliff edge, but the blue's had taken that particular base camp which was there only one, and the Blue's had driven them out of that particular base camp and then to the devastated battle-field, which he had just come from!

"Ode to Joy!" he said to himself,