Silhouette's of the Coming Fire

 Chapter III

Manoeuvring there way carefully through the darkness, Drakius, Kujin and two other soldiers, Mashief, Kryoul. Drakius signalled to them, they signalled back and continued down a path that went of to the left while Drakius and Kujin continued to the right.

"Tell me something . . . "

Drakius put his hand over Kujins mouth,

"Keep your voice down, fool!" he hissed,

Kujin replied with a thumbs up and whispered, "Tell me something, sir. How are four pale skins going to take back an entire base camp crawling with Blue's?"

Drakius sighed heavily and half glared at the young soldier, "If you had been paying attention, we're merely here to take out there early warning systems, so they are less prepared when the rest of the division moves in you twit!"

"Oh, sounds simple enough. What early security systems though?" Kujin pondered,

Drakius pulled him forward, grabbed the back of his head and forced his sight upwards. Kujin found him-self staring up at the natural arch-like formation that led into the base camp but the blue's had installed some strange device to the ceiling of it. Whatever it was, it certainly did not look friendly.

"Oh, cool! How did you spot that?"

Drakius had vanished, Kujin looked around in all directions for a moment before looking back at the arch noticing that Drakius was already half-way up the one side of it. Digging his claws into the rocky surface to give him grip, Drakius continued his way up until he was a few centimetres away from the security device. It looked totally alien to the blue skin machinery he had defused in the past, hoping it was only a short new branch in there technology, Drakius took out a small device with a few wires hanging from it, a small blue-skin hacking device he had fashioned from some stolen technology combined with his own genius. With one hand and claws still dug into the rock, it proved a small disadvantaged but with a few bites of the wire, Drakius connected a few wires to the security device, typed a few codes into the hacking device. A quiet DWEEEEEEP* the security device shorted out and the path was clear. Drakius looked down at Kujin and signalled with a thumbs up, something he didn't often do but it was pretty much the only signal Kujin could recognise. Kujin done a thumbs up back and walked forward, once he got to the other side of the arch he quickly went into a panic stance and leapt behind a boulder. Drakius was quite baffled at his sudden action before realising two blue skin guards were heading there direction.

"Aw, Crap!" He whispered, quickly disconnecting the device, he tucked pack in the pocket of his trousers and scurried as fast as he could back down the stone wall.

Unfortunately, his scurrying technique didn't work well, not allowing him enough time to safely lodge his claws into the stone wall, he slipped of the stone face and fell to the floor and hit the ground hard on his back. Laying there stunned for a few seconds, he tried to move only to have a jolt of pain go up his back. Of course, it wasn't like Drakius to show his pain.

"Ow." He said quietly, VERY quietly,

He suddenly heard footsteps, no way could he get up quick enough to find refuge from the guards at this time so the best thing to do was to stay motionless. It was times like this he really thanked fate for giving him his ultra-rare grey complexion. It helped to blend him in perfectly in the darkness, which is where he preferred to be, with out an injured back of course!

Behind the safety of the boulder, Kujin had no idea where Drakius had, well, dropped to. He saw him fall from the rocky surface but then vanish. It was moments like this he wished he had grey , skin like his superior, then he'd be able to vanish like that, total skill! Master of stealth! Kujin got a bit carried away with his thoughts and done some sort of half-karate kick.

"Hey, d'you see that?" one the guards said,


Drakius couldn't believe what he was hearing! Foolish boy couldn't be left for at least two minutes with out causing a disturbance. At least he had attracted the attention of the guards, giving Drakius enough time to lift him-self up. Stopping him-self from groaning at the pain he quickly made his way into the shadows. Meanwhile, Kujin stayed behind the boulder, trembling slightly, he could hear the footsteps of the guards heading his way. Oh, damn! I'm dead! Well, if this was it, he was going down fighting. He leapt out from behind the boulder, drew out his sword and attacked the first blue skin he saw.

"Quick! Sound the alarm." He yelled at his comrade,

The other blue skin ran back in the opposite direction whilst Kujin was left struggling with the Blue he had literally jumped on. The blue struggled for a moment, then pushed Kujin off him, and drew out his Pistol, pointing it directly at Kujin's head. The cold metal end of it pressed against his forehead, sweat was dripping down it.

"Say goodnight, pale face!" the blue said,

Kujin closed his eye's tightly, don't worry, he thought as he held back tears, it'll only hurt for a second, hey! I might see my old buddy's again, oh what the hell?! I'm still gonna' die!

Suddenly the guard let out a gasp then a groan of agony before dropping to the floor. Kujin opened his eye's to him on the floor with a gaping wound through his neck. Standing behind the body was Drakius, clutching a blood covered dagger.

"Whoa . . . " Kujin gasped,

Drakius only replied with a glare then moved on in the direction the guards came from, there was obviously an entrance nearby, he always memorised the layout of any place his settlement had been. Still slightly stunned at what happened, Kujin sat on the floor staring at the guards body, a puddle of blue blood streaming from his neck. Regaining some of his composure, Kujin got up and quickly ran after Drakius.

"Whoa! Hey, what about the other one?" he said,

Drakius stopped and clenched his fists, "Look! For the last time . . . " he lowered his tone to a growl, "Be quiet!"

Doing his trademark Thumbs Up, Kujin lowered his tone to a whisper, "Ok, what about the other one?"

A wicked smile spread across the grey skins face, "Taken care of."

He continued his way with Kujin following closely, suddenly noticing another dead blue skin. By the looks of things, this one got the worse death. Two gaping wounds were on either side of his chest, both of his hearts had been run clean through! Kujin cringed at the gore. He knew they were the enemy but he could never take pleasure in killing anyone or anything, he wasn't sure what went through his leaders mind. He wasn't really sure if he wanted to know, but everyone knew Drakius always took pleasure in killing a blue skin, especially when that killing was long drawn out and painful. Kujin had never been present at those moments but he had heard all about them from the higher ranked soldiers. He turned away, took a deep breath and continued to follow Drakius. He knew there would be more killings this night, with Drakius around it was inevitable. His only wish that night was to see no more suffering, he had seen enough of that amongst his own kind already!

From the outside, even in the dark, the damage done to there old base was too big of reminder of the grim struggle that occurred not long ago. Kujin stared up at the huge holes in the once majestic temple walls. He remembered it happening, a sudden explosion caught him of balance and he had been injured, badly. If it hadn't been for Black Out, he wouldn't of had the chance to stand here in what everyone thought it to be a vain to attempt to reclaim it. This is why he nagged Drakius to bring him along. He was doing this for a friend, a friend who life was on the line this very second. Suddenly noticing Drakius had already over-ride the main entrances security, he quickly ran inside before the door shut.

It seemed as if his wanderings were never going to end. The lone soldier could not see a thing, his eye's were so tired, his dulled vision made everything seem darker than it really was. His wings seemed to be getting heavier and heavier and his legs were killing him. Every step was agony, why did he bother to keep on going. He would be dead soon anyway, he was too near a blue skin camp to survive. Well, it was there camp about 48 hours ago, he thought if tonight was his last night in this world then he wanted to spend it going through memory lane. He passed the majestic natural formations that led to the what-was-once-there base. His nose suddenly wrinkled to a foul smell. He sniffed the air, smelt like dead bodies. Great, more comrades had most likely fallen. Only, the scent was different, it wasn't the familiar smell of his own, it smelt like the blue's? He kept on going before stepping into something wet and sticky. He looked down and stepped away gasping in terror. He had stepped in a puddle of blood. The horrible blue substance leaking from a gash in the neck of a dead blue skin. His eye's widened and then closed as he took a deep breath. At least he's dead, he thought, at least I'm still alive! He scraped his bare blood covered foot on the hard ground and carried on with his 'evening stroll' who ever killed that blue skin was still around, he could detect there scent. A flood of relief went through him, not only had he found more comrades but his commander too. Now the tricky part: catching up with him.