Silhouette's of the Coming Fire

Chapter IV

Keeping up with Drakius certainly wasn't an easy job as Kujin already knew, after killing more blue skins, they eventually found there way into there old base. Drakius looked around, some of the pale skin insignias, symbols, artwork were being replaced by some strange writing. It was totally alien, yet among it, some parts he could translate. Though both races were divided, they all spoke the same language. Styles, artwork, clothing, it was different but generally, the language had been the same. From what Drakius was looking at, it seemed the blue's were creating a language of there own. Drakius narrowed his eye's and growled quietly to himself. Guess the bizarre security device he discovered out side the base was only the peek of the new society the blue's were trying to build. From the parts Drakius could translate of the bizarre text engraved into the walls, it seemed that they hoped to replace the entire society. He could only just pick the words, "pale, blue superior, extermination, new revelation". Drakius slashed at wall, his sharp claws cutting through the marble stone, he did so again making the text un-readable. This "new revelation" was not going to happen, at least not for the blue's that is. An evil smirk spread it's away across his face.

"You just wait . . . "

Kujin was too busy staring around the familiar surroundings to notice his commanders out-burst.

"Have you seen what those creeps have done to this place?" he complained,

"Yes, I have!"

Kujin looked at Drakius, but then noticed the claw marks across the wall. Kujin only raised his eye brows and stared at Drakius.

"I take it you didn't like what they've written."

"You could say that." Drakius replied dryly before continuing down the once majestic halls. It was quite painful for the pale skins to turn one of there most majestic temples into a war base. But it was a last resort that was all to necessary. The old artwork had been chipped away and replaced with more of the alien symbols they had come across before. Drakius was growing more and more angry, the next blue skin he would see would wish they had never existed. Kujin followed closely, nearly having to jog slightly to keep up with his commanders stride. The light in the long hallway was dim which made Kujin noticed. It was dark outside as well as inside, the darkness was everywhere, it was way too "freaky" for the young soldier. Drakius kept going, not paying any mind to any possible dangers, his self-esteem was too high of level to pay mind to such irrational fear. A small clang rang through the hallway. Kujin let out a small yelp and grabbed Drakius by the waist.

"Do you mind?!" he hissed,

Kujin released his grip and stepped back, "Sorry! I--I-I-I-I-I-I-he-hear-heard so-som-something!" he stammered,

Drakius rolled his eye's and looked both ways down the hall, he could see no one was there, but a scent hung in the air. A foul one that was all to familiar.

"It appears we have company." he whispered, "Stay here,"

Kujin saluted and remained where he was while Drakius quickly and silently crept down the hallway, his eye's fixed on everything, ready to sense a single movement. He ears picked a sound, he heard two people talking, he crept down a smaller hallway that led to a door that was left open slightly. Drakius peered through and saw two children. Blue skin of course, both looked around the same age, about five years old calculated in human ages. They sat there twittering away about something, speaking in a language Drakius had yet to come across. Already they were infecting there youth with this vile "revolution" not that he much cared. He would gladly kill any blue skin, regardless of what age or gender, but in this case, there was no reason to raise the alarm until he found the particular prey he was hunting for.

Backing away slowly, he turned around to continue his way through the base but came face to face with another young blue skin. Terrified baby blue eye's stared at him. Her body began to tremble. Drakius had no sympathy, he just glared at her, hatred burning from his blood red eye's. The girl was about to let out a scream but Drakius grabbed her by the arm and placed his other hand firmly over her mouth.

"Don't even think about it!" he growled,

The girl began weep, tears came streaming down her cheek. Once again, Drakius didn't stir at all. He just smirked at her, feeling slightly pleased and satisfied at the fear he invoked upon her.

"Now, answer what ever I ask, and I won't harm you." He said smoothly, "Do you know where the commander of this . . . . fine establishment is?"

The girl nodded, Drakius removed his hand from her mouth sensing she had something to say. "He's my father." she said shakily,

"Oh, I see! I would very much like to see him." Once again, using his smooth tone,

The girl tried to wriggle away, but Drakius kept a firm grip on her arm.

"Tell me where he is!" He growled,

Before the girl could answer, another clang echoed in the corridor. Drakius felt a slight twinge of pain on the back of his head, he looked over his shoulder to see the other two children standing at the door. Obviously, in a pitiful attempt to save the other girl, one of them had thrown something at the back of his head. Drakius laughed.

"How pathetic."

Though pathetic they were, one ran back into the room they had come from and triggered an alarm. The loud noise blared through the base. Drakius's sensitive ears could already hear there soldiers mobilizing.

"Fools" He said as he threw the girl to the floor, "Don't think this will be our last meeting!" He said to the children before disappearing. He wasn't even half way up the corridor before slamming into someone.

"Hey, what the hell---" he exclaimed,

It turned out to be Kujin. Drakius glared at him.

"What did I do?!" He yelled, finally getting an excuse too,

Drakius said nothing, he just grabbed Kujin by the wrist carried on down the hallway.

Outside the temple/base, the small remainder of the pale skin soldiers awaited for there leader to call them in for battle. Some were getting impatient, others took advantage of the peace and were enjoying the few minutes rest they could salvage. Some were getting nervous.

"Damn." One of them said, "I feel so vulnerable."

"Relax will you?" said one of the more calmer one's, "It's Drakius we're talking about here! He's a genius, he'll have all those blue pimps on there knee's before you can say, "Zipa-dee Doo daa!"

"Zipa-dee Doo-daa," the soldier mumbled,

"Will you two shut your yaps!" Another said, his hands balled into fists,

Another spoke up, "Look, this strike will probably be the end of us all, the last thing we need is in-fighting. I don't think we need to turn this into MORE of a civil war than it already is!"

A short silence hung over, the relaxed one just shrugged and took a sip of his drink. He suddenly put it down quickly, his ears twitched.

"What's up with you, Mr Zipa-dee Doo daa!" one soldier mocked,

"Ssshh!" He hissed, "Someone's coming!"

He picked up his sword and headed towards the direction he heard it come from.

"Yo, shouldn't we follow'em?"

"Ah, let him go! One less blue to worry about . . . "

As his fellow soldier just referred to him as, "Mr Zipa-dee Doo-daa" cautiously made his way down a gravelly path. His ears tuned into every noise around him. Footsteps, he heard them. He kept looking straight ahead, his sword raised. To his surprise, it turned out to be the other two pale skins who had accompanied Drakius on the first phase of the mission. Mashief and Kryoul both stared at him with shocked expressions upon there faces.

"Whoa! Lower that sword!" Mashief said, his hands raised,

"Yeah, what you doing out here, Nuko?" Kryoul exclaimed,

Nuko sighed with relief, "Oh nothing." he replied, "Where's uh? Drakius?"

Mashief and Kryoul exchanged confused looks, "You mean he's not back yet?" Kryoul asked,

"Uhhhhhh . . . . ?"

Static suddenly pierced the confusing silence, Mashief quickly whipped out stolen blue skin communication device, tweaked slightly by there leaders genius, everyone had quickly adapted to it's simple controls, Mashief tapped it slightly before placing it near his ear. The loud growling tone of Drakius came booming through.

"What the hell are you waiting for?!" he screamed, "SEND THEM IN, NOW!!!!"

His loud demand startled Mashief making him juggle the device shakily before he and the other two sped down the path and gave the rest of them the order.

"Finally! TIME TO KICK SOME BLUE BOY'S BUTT!!!!" One of them cheered,

Back inside the base, Drakius soon realised how much he had underestimated the blue's skins strike force within there old HQ. Everyone he brought down just seemed to be replaced instantaneously like a factory continuously producing it's processed goods. Kujin randomly fired the stolen pistol he had obtained in any random direction, almost hitting Drakius several times. It seemed there were two types to avoid in this struggle, the enemy and the idiot that slacked of when he was supposed to be practising how to use stolen technology. Drakius swiped the pistol out of Kinsey hand, took position and fired three perfect shots hitting three blue skins between the eye's. One screamed as he saw his comrade fall, Drakius took no pity in the soldiers demise. He grabbed Kujin and quickly scurried through an open door. Drakius slammed it shut, quickly pulled out another stolen weapon using it to weld the door shut.

"That won't hold them for long, we need to escape and rejoin the others for the strike or hold a position within this structure."

Kujin was gasping for fresh air, unlike Drakius, he wasn't used to being surrounded by the particular fumes that the blue skin weaponry released. It always seemed to give his men breathing problems yet it never affected him-self. Was it due to the fact that he had spent, as Limika always said, to much time "tinkering" away at stolen gadgets or was it just a subtle factor of one half of his heritage shining through. Whatever the reason was, now wasn't the time to ponder on that subject. He helped Kujin on to his feet and looked around the room for another exit. Nothing. Drakius cursed under his breath, now what? The blue's would certainly break the welded door down before any reinforcements even got close to there position. He did recognise the room they were in, but what was odd was that a huge what seemed to be, an air vent. Drakius peered through the slit openings, feeling a slight hum of hot air hit his face. Obviously a cooling vent, but for what he wanted to find out.

"I think I found a way out."

Kujin looked a Drakius slightly stunned, "Through that?! You do know what those things lead to right?"

Drakius certainly knew that cooling vents would always lead somewhere hot, and by the size of the cooling vent needed for what ever was down there, it was something BIG and hot.

"I know," He smirked, "But if we jump at a precise moment, shouldn't be a problem."

"Shouldn't be?!" Kujin sputtered, "How do we know there's anywhere to jump to?!"

Drakius frowned, "I'd rather die by a machine than by the hands of a blue skin." he paused, "Wouldn't you?" he looked at Kujin, his piercing red eye's demanding the answer they wanted.

"Uh . . . yeah! Sure!" Kujin gave a shaky thumbs up,

Oh what goes through your head, sir! He thought to himself,