Silhouette's of the Coming Fire

Chapter IX

It's been almost a year since the last confrontation, the blues seem to be holding back since I killed the General of the platoon that nearly killed us all. Kujin seems un-affected by the whole ordeal, even when that young soldier sacrificed him-self for us to live. I still think it should have been me, anyway, Black Out has been healing well, (thank the gods) and Escence, hell, she just gets more and more beautiful, that long, glossy raven hair, those brown eyes, that slim figure and a good pair of~

The screen suddenly flared red, a loud blare rang out, Drakius leapt out of his chair then smirked.

“Ok, ok, I'm sorry . . .”

Latifah appeared on a small pad next to the computer screen, she stood on what looked like a camera lens.

“I didn't create this program just for you to drone about your many love affairs, Drakius!”

Drakius raised an eye-brow, “Aw, come on! I haven't had one with Escence, not yet anyway . . .”

Latifah shook her head, “Just finish quickly, Drakius. I really need to shut down, five more minutes, Mm-kay?”

Drakius smirked again, “Yes, Ma'am!”

Yes, sorry about that, I hope to progress Black Out's training. He's picking up on hand to hand combat perfectly, I should teach him how to use stolen weapons soon. Escence keeps complaining that I push him to hard, but the boy needs to strong. It's a hard future ahead for him, he needs to be strong or else he'll perish.

Anything else? Oh yes, medical checks are difficult since he won't let anyone touch his wings, not even me or Escence, not since the, ahem incident with . . . well, lets just say that was one of the worst injuries that I've ever seen.

Anyway, on a lighter note, if training keeps on going like this, Black Out will be ready for the real battlefield by the next season, but I'm concerned, the blues haven't made a move in so long, if there rallying there troops back together, hell, we are not going to survive another attack like last time, I need, I need some kind of weapon, a weapon that is impossible to beat . . . something living.

A living weapon . . . . ? It will be my last resort, the council are not allowing me to expand my army. Apparently, I've attacked few to many times with out good reason.


Those fools deserve it anyway, if the pale skin race is ever to survive, we need to exterminate the one's who plan to destroy us.

Drakius closed the program and set the computer to shut down, he sat back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling. Latifah sat in the centre of her holo-pad, staring at Drakius.

“Your crazy . . . ” she said,

Drakius turned his attention to her, “Excuse me?”

“A living weapon?”

Drakius shrugged, “Desperate times call for desperate measures . . .”

Latifah shook her head again, “You know the others won't . . .”

“Well then, you have nothing to worry about, do you?” Drakius stood up and stormed away,

Latifah sighed and lowered her head, she knew Drakius was up to something. Once he had his sights set on something he would never rest until he got what he wanted.

Black Out cringed and let out aloud moan, he hated the regular health checks. Him and the rest of the trainee's had to go through this on a daily bases, before it was not a problem but after his last experience on the battle field, Black Out now hated the feeling of anyone touching his wings and checking the strength and health of the wings required some one touching them multiple times.

Once his medical checked was over, Black Out quickly pulled away and hurried along with his fellow peers.

They were led outside, Black Out raised his hand to shield his eyes from the blaze of the twin suns. His ears picked up on the various sounds the wild-life made. He listened, his long black hair flowed gently in the small breeze.

Suddenly, all the animals became silent, his ears were fully alert, trying to track down any sound. Other than the chatter of the other trainee's there was nothing. He looked around, he took out a small knife. It was a standard procedure for all of them to carry at least one weapon.

“IN-COMING!!!” some one yelled,

Everyone stopped and all looked in the same direction, startled, Black Out jumped and dropped the knife. An RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) struck the ground near his position. The force of the explosion sent him tumbling to the ground. Black Out looked up, some one looked injured! He struggled to his feet and ran over to help them.

“You ok?!” he called out,

The injured lad only replied with a groan, his face was badly bruised,

Black Out checked around first, the air was full of smoke. Gas grenades, were the blue skins attempting to take back the base? Who ever was attacking them didn't matter now, Black Out had to focus on helping the injured. His pulse raced as another explosion rang out, he heard more scream.

Suddenly, someone stood between him and the injured.

Who ever they were was completely concealed. They were wearing all black completely covering there skin colour and a mask to hide there eyes. Black Out fell backwards and struggled to get his pistol out. Too late . . . ! The new enemy raised there own weapon and . . .


“What?!” Black Out exclaimed immidiatly recognising the voice, “Oh, hell . . .”

“Indeed, that was going to be your next destination if this weren't a training excersize Drakius remarked pulling of the mask,

“I'm sorry-”

“NOT, good enough . . .”

Black Out flinched at the sudden height of volume Drakius had in his tone.

“You would have been dead and the supposed injured would have died too, do you want that to happen?”

Black Out stood straight, holding back tears. “No . . .”

Black Out was scared and this only reminded the young boy of his past ordeals, but he knew his responsibility, but right now all he really wanted was his sister.

Drakius shew no sympathy for the boys mistake. He must learn of the the harsh reality and accept it as this would be life-style he must adopt to survive, Drakius admitted to him-self that the boy had shown exceptional skills in hand to hand combat, weapons reloading and how to survive in impossible situations. The only concern was his concentration on the battle field, he was so afraid of the noise of battle around him he never thought to use any of the strategy or skill Drakius had trained him in.

“Go join the others . . .”

Black Out said nothing as he hurried away to join the others as they were herded back into the base. Drakius was the last in, making sure everyone was there and that no insolent child felt like slacking off.

The rest of the children were escorted into a large hall with several rows of chairs, Black Out selected one on the back row. He sat down and stared around, it had been a while since he had been somewhere so majestic.


They all looked ahead, Latifah appeared on a small holographic projector. Drakius stood beside her, beside him was Escence then Kujin and a few more of his more trusted soldiers. Escence noticed Black Out at the back. She waved, Black Out shyly smiled and waved back. An obvious sign that he had just received a scolding.

“I'm sure you are all well aware of the growing danger.” Latifah said, all of the young ones listening, some looked worried, others were putting on there brave faces, Black Out just stared on with a cold gaze.

“You all have been selected for the next generation of soldiers, stronger and more capable and more likely to survive this war. We understand your all scared-”

Drakius stepped forward, “But you all have to be strong, surrender is not an option, we will stand up to our enemies, we will defeat them!”

Escence scowled at Drakius, “Although, we do hope to find a diplomatic solution!”

Drakius looked at her, “Indeed, but if need be-”

“We know, Drakius! But diplomacy to mean less of a risk of more of us dying . . .”

Drakius smirked, Black Out didn't like it when Drakius looked at his sister like that, neither did Escence who sneered at the grey skin and looked away. Latifah went back to her speech.

“Over the next few months, you will all under go some heavy training. Early mornings and harsh excersises.”

All the children groaned loudly, except Black Out who chose to remain silent. This didn't mean he was any less upset.

Latifah chuckled, “I know, I know, but your all part of something very important. Hopefully, diplomatic solutions will be found but until then, training is necessary and if things get truly out of hand, you will be sent into battle.”

“That is all, you all go back to your quarters now and rest, training starts tomorrow.” Drakius said, finishing of the meeting,

Chatters and whispers quickly broke out as the young ones stood to leave. Black out remained seated for little longer. His thoughts wandering, he felt scared and in-secure, and the last little training excersize was spectacularly awful. He knew of the protocols and what skills he was required to use in various situations but when ever he was actually in a battle situation, his fear would make his memory go blank. The sounds of war, it scared him so much. It reminded him of the last time he saw his mother. The explosion that tore apart his home, watching his mother cry out in pain as various other loud and monstrous noises raged around him.

He shook his head, no time to dwell on the past. He hated that, so many terrible things had happened, he wished there was a way to forget everything.

“Are frozen, squirt?”

Black Out looked up, Drakius stood there, smirking as usual.

“No.” Black Out replied coldly,

Drakius chuckled, “You've always had a way with words.”

Black Out said nothing as he stood to leave.

“Your skilled, my friend. You just need to improve your concentration in the field, you seem to forget what to do once your in there don't you?”

“Hm. I don't know why, but I get so scared I just . . . What do you care anyway, Drakius?!”

Drakius raised an eyebrow, “I care, your my responsibility. If you were to die, I wouldn't know what to do with my-self.”

Black Out lowered his head, “I know, I'm sorry about-”

Drakius patted the boys shoulder, “Don't worry about it, I made a promise to your mother and I will keep it.”

Black Out nodded, “Tell me about her again.”

Drakius sat next to him, he rubbed his fingers through his long black hair and sighed.

“Well, she was beautiful.”

“Like Escence?”

Drakius sniggered, “Yeah . . .”

Black Out frowned, he knew what that snigger meant, “And . . . ?”

“She was open, accepted everyone and she was a dear friend. In fact, she was friends with my mother . . .”

Drakius trailed of, his heart sank. He found it hard to talk about his mother and yet he just mentioned her so casually in front of the boy. He took a deep breath, holding back tears.

“Drakius?” Black Out asked,

No reply.

Black Out tapped Drakius on the arm, “Hey!”

Drakius shook his head, “Yes?”

Black Out tilted his head, “Nothing, you just suddenly stopped talking? I something wrong?”

Drakius sighed and half smiled, “No, I'm just fine, you'd better got now. It's going to be a tough day tomorrow.”

Black Out nodded and silently walked away. Drakius smiled, that boy was something special to him, he loved him like he was his own son. This made Drakius feel guilty about throwing him into a war, especially when he had no idea of the truth behind it.