Silhouette's of the Coming Fire

Chapter V

His fellow men were near, he picked up there sent. A bold move, the soldier had finally figured it out. Drakius was attempting to reclaim was had been stolen from them. He sighed deeply, breathing in the cool evening's air. He thought it wouldn't have been wise to go inside the base, just before he had the chance too, the alarm had been raised. He thought it was wiser to take his route around the outside of the once majestic structure.

It was strange, a sudden feeling of immense loneliness crept over him. It was times like this that reminded him of what he was fighting for, the beauty of there world, the freedom of the new generation yet to come. He had fought for so many, young and old, and his loved one. Sadly she was no more, but he knew well she had joined the rest of fallen in paradise. Within the few minutes of peace he could grasp, he knew any minute he could join them. That was the life of an unknown soldier, death awaited, yet salvation could be at hand. These were his only options, his ears picked up a familiar sound, the sound of a battle. It certainly seemed the rest of his kind had engaged the enemy, he drew out his sword. It was time to join them, it was time once again, to feed the sickness.

Battle cries erupted from the pale skins as they fought like it was there last hour on there world, the sad truth was it could be. So many of there soldiers had been lost in the last battle, now the pal skins were fighting with all they had. Some had once been reluctant to carry out this suicidal mission, but eventually they all agreed they'd rather go down fighting.

Running another blue clean through the neck, Mashief kept on manoeuvring up the battle field, assisting those struggling as he carried on. He needed some way to get into the old temple and find Drakius. That was the ultimate back up they needed, but every time he seemed to get closer, he was always pushed back by a barrage of plasma fire. One bolt just missed his shoulder, but it had burned his skin.

"DAMN IT!!!" He growled, a huge, black burn appeared on his shoulder, that would certainly leave another scar for the collection. He quickly ducked down behind a boulder, clasping his hand over the burn. He gasped in pain, it was truly sensational. Un-like any burn he had felt before. It wasn't a normal heat burn, if any more of that plasma fire had hit him it would have melted right through his flesh. Cringing at the thought, he looked out from his refuge and saw the battle was only getting worse. Though somehow, there had been now fatal casualties for there side. There about three blue's already dead, counting the one he had killed but that was nothing compared to the amount that bled from the temple. This was not going to end well, where the hell was Drakius when you needed him?!

It was no Drakius, but help was certainly at hand. As cruel as it sounded, the battle below made suitable distraction for the soldiers plan to have more of chance at being successful. He crawled along a shadowed edging in the stone walls that surrounded the enclosed battlefield blow, his white sheen appearing grey as he hugged closely to the shadows. He came as close to the temple as the narrow cave/path way would take him. Checking before he did so, the soldier spread his wings out and glided to one of the watch towers that was closest to him. There was one blue in there, but he didn't get long enough to inform any others of the soldiers presence. He slipped down a ladder and then continued down a rather tight and steep stairway. As he continued, the sound of the battle grew quieter. He knew the tunnels that led to the watch towers led him underground which was where he planned for the climax of his plan to take place. After a few minutes of care full footing, he reached the bottom and found him-self in badly lit cave. Not to worry, the glide to the tower had helped to shake the heavy, numb feeling in his back and wings. He had complete feeling of all his natural senses, well the only obstacle really was his every growing exhaustion and a few enemy's that may lie ahead. His stance was ready to go to battle as he heard to enemy's coming his way, swiftly and silently he whipped through the shadows and slowly crept behind them, granting them a swift defeat as he delivered and spine cracking blow to the back to both of them. He pitied there defeat for a brief moment and carried on his quest.

As the battle raged out side, Drakius and Kujin had only just survived the slide down the ventilation chute. Nearly getting burnt to death by the murderous machinery that vented the heat, they had somehow found away not to be killed that easily. After the long, stomach churning slide it was only Drakius that had to arrive making the most noise. He had come crashing through the air vent coverings, using it should him-self briefly from the heat. Of course, metal being the brilliant conductor of heat that it is, he had dumped it quickly and slid out of reach of the machines heat blast, lucky for Kujin, he had been clutched to Drakius the whole journey. Now they were down there, Drakius took a moment to investigate monsters that produced such heat. The blue's were certainly up to something, Drakius knew there would be no time now to find out what but whatever it was, it was not going to be pleasant.

"Do you still have the stolen weaponry I gave to you?" he asked Kujin,

"Uh . . . yeah?"

"Good, bring out the plasma grenades, we're blowing this entire room."

The room was huge. If it were empty, it would make a perfect ball-room. Drakius assumed that was once it's purpose.

"Uh, were gonna' blow up tha'place?"

Drakius took a plasma grenade from Kujin, "No, I only plan to destroy these machines. There obviously generators of some sort, destroying them will surely aid our assault."

Drakius took a few more grenades and set the timers on them, giving him a Kujin enough time to get there tails out of there.

"Sir." said Kujin,

"What is it now?" Drakius huffed,

"I think we have problem!"

Drakius sighed heavily at first and stood up from his work only to come face to face with plasma rifle, deadlier and more accurate than the pistols but neither mattered at such close range. The blue skin clutching it pushed the cold metal tip to the grey skins fore head but Drakius still shew no fear. Out of the two, it was the blue that seemed to be showing most fear. His thoughts were running wild, if he killed this dreaded demon, he would be champion in the new order to come. Drakius seemed to read his exact thoughts.

"Sorry!" He said smugly, "Not in this lifetime."

Swiping the rifle from the enemy's hand he turned it's fire power against it's former owner. His blue blood splatted onto the white floor, Drakius looked at the colour with total disgust.

"Another mess to clean up." He said casually,

Kujin looked away from the corpse, he stepped over the body and continued to help his leader set the grenades. Once the timer had been set, he and Kujin quickly ran to the nearest exit. An explosion and rumble surged through the place as the timers went of. Drakius and Kujin ducked behind supply crates and covered there ears from the noise.

On one of the floors below, the soldier nearly stumbled and fell back down the staircase he had just climbed. An explosion, he had a pretty good guess of who the culprit was, no time to think about that. He pulled himself up and kept going. He soon came to a door, the explosion had caused some serious chaos, the door which was meant to slide open was jammed half shut and half closed. Before attempting to squeeze through, he peered through the opening first. He was glad he did, there were fair amount of Blue skins, running around amongst the chaos, alarms were blazing and they were all babbling to each other in some strange dialect the young pale skin had never come across before. Though it was strange, some words he could make out and they were just the words he wanted to hear.

"Explosion! Power . . . . draining . . . . weapon . . . . vulnerable."

He smiled at his small victory, he sniffed the air, once he'd picked up the scent he was looking for, he took advantage of the ever growing chaos and quietly slipped away.

Looking out from their sanctuary, Drakius grinned in victory. Obviously the machines were used to power the blue skins operations, of course with out power, the machines couldn't run. There systems would shut down and plunge into chaos, making it easy to obtain a victory. Though this technique was effective, they had lost many in doing so in the past. Taking a moment to remember those who had died in his name, Drakius then turned to Kujin who was massaging his fore-head.

"You ok?" Drakius asked,

"Mm-Hm!" Kujin grunted, still rubbing his head,

"Shake it off soldier, we've got company!" Drakius whispered, already like bacteria rushing to an open wound, Blue skins were all around the trashed machinery, putting out or attempting to put the flames that now raged in the after-math of the explosion. Some blue's were heading in there direction.

"Check the supplies you two!" one told them,

Drakius smiled, more blue skins to kill, victory was awaiting, it was truly a perfect day. Kujin noticed the smile on his leaders face. He knew what was coming, best thing now was to sit there and let him get on with it.

Quick as a flash of light, Drakius took out the blue skins with the last two shots of his pistol. A small red light flashed. Battery was dead, Drakius chucked it down and retrieved a rifle from one of the dead blue skins. He signalled to Kujin to hold his position, he then noticed a small collection of plasma grenades by the other dead body, he picked them up and quickly hid in the shadow of the doorway to what was obviously the former power supply room. He looked out onto the scene, perfect. The blue's were totally un-aware of his presence, the fools never relied on any of there natural senses, if it were pale skins, he would have already got into a skirmish by now.

Drakius lifted the Rifle, took aim, fired then quickly ducked back into the shadow. One blue skin fell to the ground, the one who stood next to him looked at his fallen comrade, held back tears and stared of in the direction the shot came from. Though they weren't as strong, his natural senses kicked in as he picked up the familiar scent of the one all Blue skins feared.

"Are you scared, Demon?!" he said,


"Oh yeah! I'm scared!" Drakius said back before leaping out and firing on the enemy, one by one the blue skins fell until only one was left, the same one who accused him of being "scared". He staggered backwards, his blue eye's filled with fear.

"no, no NO!!!" he kept saying,

He drew out a pistol and fired on Drakius but missed by several meters. Drakius laughed.

"My turn!" he said, he fired one shot hitting the blue skin in the thigh, he screamed and dropped to the floor, blood spilling from his wound. Drakius spared no mercy, he reached out and grabbed the blue by the neck. He gagged, gasping for air but Drakius kept a firm grip.

"Where is your leader?" Drakius growled, "TELL ME!!!"

Hesitating for a moment, the blue skin finally struggled a few words, "I'll . . . . d-die . . . first!"

Drakius growled, then and evil grin spread across his face. He dropped the blue skin to the floor and lifted his foot up to stamp on the wound he had just inflicted. Seeing what was the coming, the blue skin screamed in protest.


Drakius put his foot down on the floor and awaited the Blue skins answer only to suddenly feel a sting shoot up his spine. The pain was like an intense heat, so intense that Drakius didn't even get a chance to yell in pain before passing out.

From a distance, Kujin saw it all happen. A blue skin suddenly appeared from what looked like a shimmering force field. It was clearly some sort of cloaking device to hide one from sight and one's scent. As much as hated it, there was no choice. He ran to the two blue corpse that lay on the ground, took the fallen enemy's rifle, aimed and pulled the trigger surprisingly blasting the once camouflaged blue skins brains out. Dropping the rifle to the ground he quickly ran over to his leader. He was still breathing, Kujin sighed with relief then looked up at the blue still laying on the ground, blood still pouring from the gaping wound in his leg.

"Shall we try that again?" Kujin said,

Too late, once enough blood was lost, there species would fall into a coma, if not seen to quick enough, well, even if he was a Blue skin, Kujin didn't even want to think about it. He looked away from the body and knelt down next to his leader, to his great surprise, Drakius grabbed Kujin by the neck and pulled a knife from a holder strapped to his ankle.


Dropping the knife, Drakius relaxed for second before heaving him-self of the ground.

"What the hell happened?" he said groggily,

"Cloaking device." Kujin replied,

Drakius growled,"Should have known!"