Silhouette's of the Coming Fire

Chapter VI

Manoeuvring through the panicked frenzy was all too easy, the young pale skin had slipped in and out of many rooms with ease, but time was short. He knew his men were probably suffering greatly under the heavy fire the blue's had to offer, he had to locate what he was hunting for and fast. He needed weapons, heavy weapons, plasma grenades, bombs, he didn't care. Anything that could make a big explosion would do. He crept into another room, only to get a plasma blast scorch past his left arm, burning the first two layers of his skin.

"DAMN IT!" A burning sensation surged through his arm, who ever had just fired on him pulled a stupid move in trying to kill his opponent with a crack to the head, being well trained in close-range combat, the pale skin grabbed his attacker by the arm and twisted it backwards. As the blue skin screamed and fell forward, the unknown soldier snapped the back of the blue's neck, his body then lay on the ground, un-moving.

Wiping away a dribble of blood from his mouth, he carried on his quest which could end any time soon!

"Ok, I'm confused. I thought we were trying to escape?" Kujin pondered,

"Change of plans, if we find the leader of this particular division, we can end this battle. The blue's always become dis-organised once there leader is terminated. It's like taking out the mother-board of one big computer." Drakius explained,

"Yeah, well I've never been good with computers," Kujin mumbled,

"Speaking of computers, there's someone who got left behind and she must be rescued . . ."

Kujin looked confused, "Who?" there was a short pause, "Wait, Latifah?"

"Hmm, if she's still . . . functional,"

Drakius said no more.

What would have been well lit was now a dark corridor, the only form of lighting was the odd power surge that would make the lights flicker on and off for just a brief moment. Drakius had just picked up a scent and was now following it. There leader was close by, the scent told him everything. It was of an elite guard, strong, well trained in combat and weaponry. They were only stationed to protect there leaders and were very rarely scene on the battle field due to how very few there were. Drakius had face elite guards in the past, he knew that he had to be cautious. In his early days of leadership, he was arrogant and faced an elite and nearly paid the ultimate price for it and though over the years he had become stronger, he knew it was wiser to be more careful this time.

"He-hey- hey, boss!" Kujin stammered, only to have Drakius place his hand over his mouth,

"I know . . . " Drakius whispered, "Stay here."

Kujin pulled his leaders hand away from his face, "While you do what? Commit suicide?!"

Drakius only replied with a sharp glare, the look on his face said many words. Kujin just raised his hands and backed away slightly. Drakius crept forward in the darkened corridor, the scent of the guards was getting stronger. He crept on further before one came into sight.

He held his breath for a second, the let it out quietly in relief noticing the Elite guard had it's back turned, perfect. Drakius held his breath again and crept closer until he was only a few centimetres away from the Elite, and before it even had time to think about turning around Drakius dug his claws deep into the back of the Elites neck, snapping his spinal cord. He dropped to the floor. Drakius smiled a victory grin, then moved on.

He continued his way until he reached a large metal door, on the wall to the left was what looked like a device to open the door. Drakius approached to investigate it, there was some kind of code required. He chuckled before ramming his claws into the device, twisted his hand to the right. The door made a large metallic click and slide open revealing a throne room. In the throne was obviously the leader of this particular division of the blue's army, and with too guards at his side with surprised looks on there faces.

"Evening, gentlemen!" Drakius said with a smug grin,

"Indeed," The lead general replied,

Drakius stepped in the room, he took a brief moment to study it, it was fairly large with a huge window over-looking the battlefield and he couldn't help but chuckle slightly at an obvious secret latch that was terribly disguised, the guards moved forward to attack him only to be shot dead by the grey skin. Now the general was nervous. Drakius pointed the gun to the blue skin.

"I only want what's mine, surrender and I may consider sparing you."

"Ha! You may just shoot me now, don't think I don't know of your reputation."

Drakius smiled, "Very well then!"

Drakius fired on him only to have the shot bounce of the blue skin. Drakius noticed a ripple effect surround the generals entire body. Drakius raised and eye-brow, the blue skin stood up and drew out an energy sword. Drakius threw down the gun, it would be completely use-less in this fight.

"Well?" The general questioned, "Where's your weapon?"

Drakius said no more, the fight had begun. Drakius the let the blue skin make the first move, he ran forward and lashed out with the sword. Drakius stepped aside and drew out his knife, slashing the blue skins arm. He yelled out in pain.

"Fool, why only make it so the shield can only deflect plasma fire?"

"Close combat isn't my field." the blue skin said through his pain,

"HA! I noticed!" Drakius mocked,

"It was a mere malfunction, this energy shield was merely powering up from the main power core when you terminated the connection with your foolish stunts!"

"Sure! Next your going to tell me that you've already won despite your recklessness."

"My men are more than enough, they'll tear your men apart, demon!"

Drakius laughed again, "Well, since you have such faith in your pathetic excuses for soldiers, it won't really matter if you die, will it?"

Drakius ran forward, grabbed both of the blue's wrists and twisted them, snapping the bone. Before the blue got a chance to scream, Drakius already rammed his knife through the Generals throat. He dropped to the floor, motionless.

Drakius stepped over the body and pulled away the sheet of metal covering the "hidden" door. He stepped into a fairly large room, though most of the space was taken up with machinery. Machinery he recognised, this was the place he first developed the A.I Computer. He looked over to a large desk, the centre of it illuminating a dark red. He rubbed his fingers over a small control pad. The dark red soon turned to a light red, suddenly, billions of holographic cubes came darting in from all directions, shrinking as they reached the centre, fitting together building up an image of a tiny person, no taller than fifteen centimetres. The image was of a female, long black hair put up. She lay there and looked to be breathing heavily. Drakius walked to the other side of the desk, knelt down, folded his arms on the desk and leant his chin down on them.

"Latifah?" he whispered,

The holographic image stirred, rubbing her head and groaning she lifted her head up. Small red eye's met his. She looked surprised and relieved.

"Drakius . . . ?" Her pretty young voice had a slight metallic echo,

"Yes, I'm here."

"You came back . . . ?" Latifah said, her voice sounding weak,

"Of course I did," Drakius said, this time he smiled a real smile,

Latifah laid her head down, "They tried to break me, but I was strong!"

"You did fantastic my dear." Drakius said as he slipped on a metallic gloved, "Now, it's high time I got you out of there."

Latifah nodded, Drakius wandered to the control pad, placed the hand with the glove on the pad. A strange tingling sensation went through his arms, almost slightly painful. Now came the strangest feeling, the feeling of someone else inside you. He heard Latifah sigh with relief, her thoughts now in one with his.

"Hey, I'm all here!" Latifah said, sounding stronger,

"Good, your sounding better,"

"Well, now that I'm free from that virus filled matrix-"

Drakius interrupted, "Yeah, yeah, where's the quickest exit."

"In the central corridor that led to this room, there is a flight of stairs to the left, they should take you to emergency escape routes."

Drakius smiled, "Excellent!" He ran out the room and into the hall he came from,

"But we have a problem," said Latifah,

Drakius stopped, "What?"

"Damn it, Drakius! I can't speak to you like this, open your hand!"

Drakius huffed, lifted his hand holding it open. Latifah's imaged appeared in his palm.

"Well?" Drakius demanded,

Latifah rubbed her fore-head for second, "Analysing, there's an unfinished network of tunnels beneath the battlefield just outside this temple. But one of the tunnels were completed, I assumed you killed there leader to rescue me?"

Drakius nodded, "What's your point?"

"The point is before you killed him, he had already sent a distress signal for reinforcements and-"

"They will come through the newly complete tunnel?"

"Exactly! But being in-complete, we can destroy the tunnels before they reach us, burying them and in turn, take out ground beneath the feet of the foot soldiers already out there."

"And the battle will be ours!" Drakius said with an evil glint in his eye's,

Latifah nodded, "Explosives, now!"

Latifah's image faded from Drakius's hand, he quickly left the room and back down the corridor he had come from, finding Kujin sat beside a dead blue skin. Drakius raised his eye-brows, Kujin looked up.

"Long story." he said, "Did you find Latifah?"

Drakius opened his hand, "Hey, Kujin!"

"Nice to see you again, so what now?"

Latifah smiled, "Not to worry, we have plan but we have to hurry, it's now or never boys!"

Drakius gave her glare, "Hey!"

"Fine, it's now or never, gentlemen?"

Drakius smirked, "Better,"