Silhouette's of the Coming Fire

Chapter VII

The unknown one struggled furiously with the time bombs, he was not a technician or a mechanic, he had no idea how to use and technology, the only small portion he knew was how to use the enemies weapons.He tried to connect a synchronisation cable to all of the time bombs he had gathered, once again he failed, giving him-self a small electrical shock in the process.

“Ah! Damn it!” he said, gritting his teeth,

“Having trouble?”

The young soldier quickly pulled a gun from a holder on his ankle, he pointed it towards who ever was behind him, which turned out to be Drakius! He sighed with relief and lowered his weapon.

“At ease, soldier.” Drakius grinned,


Drakius looked at his hand, “Oh!” He held up his hand and opened it. Once again, there Latifah stood, she looked at the soldier and tilted her head.

“Seems he had the same idea . . . “ she said,

“Indeed,” Drakius replied, “How did you know of this soldier?”

He stood and saluted, “I was stationed in these catacombs before this base was over-run, sir.”

“I see . . .”

Latifah grinned, “Well, it's good that he's here, we could use the extra help.”

Another plasma bomb struck the battle field, completely tearing up the ground, the shock of the blast sending three pale skins hurtling through the air. One died instantly from the shock, the two lay on the ground critically injured. Kryoul and Mashief didn't hesitate in assisting there fallen comrades.

"Easy soldier, we'll get you out of this!" Kryoul said softly to the injured soldier who just happened to be female, even through such pain she managed a small smile. Kryoul helped her up then carried her to safer location, HA! As if there was one!

"How'd a pretty girl like you end up in such ugliness, huh?" Kryoul said with a grin whilst patching up her wounds,

"Doing my duty!" she gasped through her pain, she yelled out as Kryoul mopped up the horrendous wound on her leg,


"No problem!"

"Name's Kryoul."

"Elemai" she replied before passing out,

Mashief suddenly arrived with about two injured, one leaning on his shoulder. The other who could still walk slumped down against the jagged rocks they took shelter behind. Mashief settle the other one down and began cleaning up the transparent blood seeping from the wounds. He suddenly noticed the female laying on the ground.

"No . . . is she . . . ?!"

"Oh no! She'll make it if we get out of here soon."

"I hope so!" Mashief sighed, “She's my sister!”

"WATCH OUT!" Kryoul screamed,

Mashief turned around, quickly took out a small blade struck it through the heart of blue skin that had attempted to sneak attack them. He fell to the ground, Kryoul stole the laser rifle from the corpse looked out from the rocks then fired at the blue skins heading for there direction. Kryoul took the small pistol Elemai had in her ankle strap and assisted Mashief in taking out the enemy.

"Damn it! I thought Drakius had a plan!"

"Don't worry-" Kryoul shot another blue skin before replying, "He's come through for us before in the early days, I doubt he's going to let us down now! Just hang on a little longer buddy!"

He quickly looked at the injured behind them.

"Please, just a little longer!"

The battle outside continued to rage, there was no limits to the immense slaughter though it seemed no matter how many blue skins fell, more just kept pouring from the underground entrance like blue blood seeping from a wound of there kind. All the more reason why this plan had to succeed or all the years of them fighting would mean nothing. Drakius clutched the explosive in his hand and sighed deeply. Something didn't feel right, he couldn't shake the feeling. It was the feeling he would always get before a plan would fail, resulting in at least one casualty. He looked ahead at Kujin assisting his fellow pale skin set up more explosives, this plan was rather risky, bordering on insane maybe but sacrifices have to be made. Besides, if one of them did die, what was one life compared to several others.

"Damn it!" Drakius slammed his fist on the wall,

Kujin looked back, "Are you ok, sir?"

Drakius nodded, Kujin replied with a "thumbs up" then continued with his work, Drakius then chuckled, the in-dent in the wall his fist had made was the right size for the explosive, Drakius set the timer to sync in with the other explosives set and placed it on the wall. His thoughts then set back to why is his temper had a sudden flare to do so. Such a selfish thought, he had decided. if anyone was to die tonight, it would be him! His men didn't deserve the fate his birth destined them for, it was his birth that caused the past traumas they had to go through and he deserved the penalty, not them.

He then heard a familiar voice in his head,

“Drakius . . . ?” said Latifah,

Drakius sighed, “I'm fine . . . “ whispered,

"All is set, boss!" Kujin called out,

Drakius looked up, "Good."

The unknown one began to un-wind the connection wires, Drakius reached out and took them from him.

“Don't bother with that.” he said,

“I can use a wire-less activation code,” Latifah said through the com-link channel, “Much easier as long as there's nothing jamming the signal of course.” she remarked.

All seemed set, Drakius nodded at the two pale faces awaiting his reply.

"So, you two mind running this by me one last time?" Kujin asked,

Drakius huffed, "It's simple, above us at this very moment are hundreds of blue skins going into battle with our own troops, yes?"

Kujin nodded,

"We're here in the under-ground catacombs of this glorious establishment to blow the ground out from under there feet!"

“But they have wings, they can fly?”

Drakius smirked, “The fools have to much armour on, it would seem like a good idea considering that our side has less effective weaponry against such a strong defensive alloy.” Drakius's smirk grew bigger, “But it leaves there flying ability disabled

Kujin grinned, “Ohhhh! I get it!”

There was a brief silence.

"Right then,” Drakius snapped, breaking the silence as well as startling the others standing near him. “I suggest putting this plan into action rather quickly before MORE OF OUR MEN DIE!!” He turned Kujin around and shoved the back of his head. “MOVE IT!!!!"

“Ok . . .” said Latifah's voice through the com-link channel, “Wireless connection is set, we need to evacuate, and I mean now!”

The three of them ran towards an exit tunnel whilst Latifah counted down the seconds to detonation.

“ . . . 5 . . .” she out-loud,

They continued to run,

“. . . 4 . . . 3 . . .”

Kujin was the slowest out of the three, he began to worry as he struggled to keep up . . .

“ . . . 2 . . .”

Latifah stopped, Drakius stopped suddenly, to suddenly, he tripped over his own tail and fell to the ground.

“Agh!” He yelled, “What is it?”

Drakius opened his hand to have a one to one with the A . I that caused him to pull such a humiliating move.

Latifah fiddled with a strand of her holographic hair, this always meant her clever computer mind was working on something.

"Come on, set the timer and lets get the hell out of here!" Drakius demanded,

Latifhas gasped and fell to her knee's, “I can't . . . “ she said, sounding as if she was in pain . . .

Drakius shot a concerned look to the other two. The soldier looked at Latifah then stared in fear.

"Oh no! Some things wrong!"

"What is it?" said Drakius,

Latifah didn't answer,

"WHAT IS IT?!" Drakius shouted,

Latifah held her head, “Virus! They detected my wire-less signal . . . if I try to detonate or even try to hack a single wireless network in this area, I 'll . . . AHHH! Damn it!” She screamed, “We need . . . *zzzt*alt*sshh*alternative . . .”

The hologram flickered violently, a worried gaze fell over Drakius's face, the enemy had found some way to completely block out Latifah's signal . . .

"Guys, we have company!" Kujin called out,

That had already been brought to Drakius's attention as he fired a shot from his rifle and caught a blue skin dead centre in the fore-head.

"We have to get to a terminal of some kind, do this the old fashioned way!”

"No time, look!" said Kujin,

He pointed to other end of the long tunnel, about ten or more blue skins were already there and heading straight for them, Drakius threw the rifle down causing it to break into three pieces.

"It's too late." He sighed, " We have to get out of here and order a retreat."

Drakius and Kujin turned to go, Kujin noticed the other wasn't following,

"Look, we gotta go!"

The unknown one, didn't move. "No." He said with a straight face,

"What the he---" Drakius pushed Kujin out of the way,

"What are talking about, we have to get out of here!" said Drakius,

Still the unknown one stood un-stirred,


"BACK TO WHAT?!" He yelled back, "There's nothing to go back to, look, there's still a wire-less connection between each and every one of those bombs, if I can manually detonate at least one, it will start a chain reaction--”


The unknown one merely sighed, "If we don't win this one, this is it. Once we're dead, all the others just a few miles will be, then the next settlement, then the next. We're all what's left of those with combat training, you need to go."

Drakius fell silent for a second, knowing full well who was right. He stared at the unknown one and he stared back. The awkward silence was broken when something exploded above them, the unknown one pushed Drakius to the side and hid them both behind a pile of rubble, rocks and dirt.

"That was from the top-side!" Drakius growled, pulling out a small blade and rammed it into the heart of blue skin that attempted to attack him from behind.

"Please, let me go. I've never really done anything in this war worthwhile until now, I don't want to fail again not after what happened the last time I did!"

Drakius then just stared at the young pale skin before him. He nodded. The pale skin saluted Drakius .

"Make us proud." Drakius whispered before leaving the pale skin behind, holding back tears as passed Kujin who waved before following his leader.

It was now or never, the unknown one took out a few Blue skins with a grenade before bounding towards the nearest time bomb. He stood up againts the wall facing it, knowing well he was most vulnarable there but that didn't matter. He tapped a few buttons then he turned around to face the small group of blue's behind him. One of them took a shot at him, hitting the pale skin dead centre in the chest. He gasped in pain before the device behind him let out a high pitch, *BEEEEEEEP*. Then the rest of the plasma bombs flashed red to show that they were armed all letting out the same noise.

At first they were confused, but the blue's realised what had just happened and fired on the pale skin. But it didn't matter how many shots struck him, he put all his into facing the device again, he pressed the detonation button. Five seconds until the whole place caved in . . .His body slid down the wall, his pain growing, but he smiled in victory.

Nearing the end of the tunnel, Kujin began to slow down.

"NO! Keep running!" Drakius yelled at him, before he knew it, a high pitch beep rang out before a huge explosion erupted in the underground chambers.

Above on the battlefield, a blue skin soldier stopped as he felt the earth rumble. He turned to the one next to him.

"Do you feel that?" He asked,

The other Blue skin shuffled his feet, "Yeah, I do?"

Suddenly the ground caved in beneath them, did for all the others of there division did taking out all the heavy weaponry and machinery. The rest of there army fell into the crumbling caverns below, buried alive. Those who attempted to fly from this were shot down the by the pale skins some couldn't even fly from the weight of there battle armour. All the pale skins rushed out from hiding at once over powering the few remaining stragglers. Meanwhile, Kujin and Drakius rushed out of the escape tunnel just in time, only then to have the ground underneath them collapse but this was not to there dismay as the two easily took flight and landed on solid ground.