Silhouette's of the Coming Fire

Chapter VIII

“Explosives set?” Kryoul asked,

“Hang on a sec . . . !” A voice called from inside a smaller cave within the larger catacombs.

“Wait, that sounded like a girl?”

Kujin choked on his drink as he laughed, “Yo, you got a problem with that?”

“Yeah? You got a problem?”

From the small cave entrance came a beautiful young women, in human ages, she was in her early twenties. Her body was curvaceous, ample sized breasts proportioned well with her slim waist. Her hair was long and dark, tied back to keep it out of the way. Her skin was a perfect ivory white with glistening brown eyes. Kujin wolf whistled.

“All set, Escence?”

Escence glared at him and Kryoul, “Yeah, all set!” she said holding up a power tool with a threatening stance.

“I know, it's odd a pretty girl like me is working around machines but I'm sure the eye candy will make it up for you.”

Kujin choked on his drink again while Kryoul blushed deeply.

“It wasn't like that! Honest! I was just told we got a anther guy on our team and well . . .”

Escence raised an eye-brow, “Hmm, I supposed I could excuse it just this once considering I'm the only female in your ranks.”

“And we are cool with that, right?” said Kujin recovering from his coughing fit,

Kryoul nodded, Escence smirked. “Alright-y boys, lets blow this thing!”

Timer was set, the three sprinted to the newly made entrance to the catacombs. A whole section of the land had literally collapsed in on the catacombs thanks to the use of explosives and one sacrifice. Kujin couldn't help but be reminded of the guy who let him-self die for them to live. The three of them stumbled up a steep ledge leading to the surface, Kryoul nearly fell back but Escence caught him by the hand pulled back.


“No problem,” she replied, “OK, in three, two, one . . .”

Silence. No, that should have worked? Escence thought to her-self.

“Heh, you sure you set those charges?” Kujin giggled,

Escence pointed her finger a Kujin and marched up to him, glaring she opened her mouth to say something just as a muffled explosion rang out, she looked over in the direction it came from. She then looked at Kujin, smirked and folded her arms.

“Oh, I don't know, you want me to go back and check?”

The three of them chuckled.

“Nice one, you still got the touch Escence!” said Kujin,

“Why thank you . . .” she said starting her walk back to the base, Kujin and Kryoul followed,

The three of them began making there way up the former temple which had been converted to there army divisions base. It still the looked the same from the outside but inside was a different story. Escence sighed, she was getting sick of the war, for years now she had been fighting, killing, oh how she hated killing. Then there was her best field, under-cover missions. She shivered at the thought of a few close calls to her dignity. She felt like some kind tool, for once she wanted to live somewhere and not get treated like a weapon or a tool. Escence was so caught up in her own thoughts, she had no idea that Kujin was talking to her.

“Yo!” Kujin snapped his fingers in front of her eyes.

Escence blinked and shook her head, “What? Sorry, I was just thinking about my brother . . . I wasn't able to see him before Drakius planned the attack, I hope he isn't . . .”

Kujin smiled, “Not to worry, he's a tough kid. Drakius told me he's recovering well.”

Escence groaned and frowned and the thought of Drakius, “Indeed.” she grumbled, she started her journey back to the base leaving Kujin and Kryoul in confusion.

“What wrong with her?” Kryoul asked,

Kujin just shrugged, “Oh well, at least there won't be no more blue rats coming through our catacombs any more. Lets go, I'm looking forward to sleeping in my old bed again . . .”

“ . . . and what if they were to discover the remaining catacombs.”

Drakius smirked, “Not to worry, I had them destroyed.”

“Indeed.” The Countess replied un-impressed,

The hall large, the Countess sat upon a high and majestic throne, her white skin glowed in the light as did her the other council members who sat in thrones lower in height than that of the Countess. Drakius stood on a platform lower than the countess and the three thrones either side of her making up six council members, seven including the Countess.

“Your honour, if I may?”

The Countess nodded, drumming her fingers. Drakius bit his lip, this wasn't a good sign.

“I need more men, your highness. At the rate this war is going, we're the losing side.”

The Countess huffed, “I knew you would request more power, Drakius.”

“Not power, more men to fight, to defend us, if we carry on the way we are-”

“Silence!” The Countess demanded, she stood up, “Out of all our instruments, I must say you have been most troublesome, the reason has nothing to do with your skin colour, as you well know, your perfectly accepted in our culture. How-ever . . .”

Drakius bit his lip again, this time a bit too hard. He winced and wiped a dribble of blood of his mouth.

“True, there attack on the base was acceptable, and retrieving it again was a great victory, but you have a tendency to attack when it's un-necessary!”

Drakius raised an eye-brow, “Really? That can't be right, I have the right strategy and know which men, or in some cases women with the right skills for the tasks I may set them.”

The Countess shook her head, “That is not what I mean, you attack when you don't need to, we are peaceful and will at any opportunity will attempt to make peace with out enemy, despite our history, but you my friend are encouraging your men not to sight for peace but for,” she paused for second, “Revenge.”

Drakius lowered his head and growled, “You just don't get it, they won't make peace, they hate us, and I hate them, as you should. They will take advantage of your strategy and exploit us!”

“Enough, Drakius!”


“SILENCE! You act like an insolent child, we will not allow you have any more power over our army's, at least no more than what you already have.”

Drakius's eyes narrowed, his fists clenched, “Then what am I to do . . . ?” He lifted his head and made eye contact with the Countess, “I need more power . . .”

The Countess glared, “I'm sorry, but I refuse. The new division may continue there training but after that, no more can be spared.”

Drakius let out a low growl but the Countess heard him. He looked up at her, gave her a fake smile and left. The Countess sat back down and sighed.

“He's changed for the worse my friends . . .” she said to the other council members,

“Is it wise to keep him in power?” One of them said,

The Countess sighed again, “We'll see my friends, we'll see . . .”

The room smelt clean, his vision was blurred. It smelt like, a hospital. Black Out quivered, he didn't like hospitals, not at all. He heard the other patients, some crying, some moaning, one snoring which annoyed Black Out a little bit. He then heard something else, his ears twitched. He recognised that voice. He wasn't sure if he was happy or un-happy to hear the voice of Drakius.

“Hell, I told you not to put him in the medical bay! I gave specific orders for him to be taken to his room and have the proper medical equipment set up there, but only the equipment that is NECISSARY!!!”

Black Out felt scared, Drakius was in a bad mood and likely to shout at any one for any reason. This was the only time he felt lucky that he was injured, maybe Drakius would actually be nice, for once!

“We weren't sure since you were absent, he is critically injured and needs proper medical care, and your temper isn't helping us. Some of the patients were asleep.” the chief medical officer argued back,

His eyes were full of anger as he scanned the room, noticing Black Out at the far end.

“We have some good news, though. He is making a fast recovery, faster than any other patient I've had. He's so healthy, it's almost abnormal . . .” she said,

It was true, Black Out had a strange healing ability which made his age hard to determine, the lad was only fourteen years of age in human years and already he looked strong enough to be a professional athlete.

Drakius nodded, “Yes, he has some kind of healing ability. Very rare, like those claws on his knuckles that he's developed.”

“Yes, there fully grown now, but we're not sure if the irritation will decease.”

“Not to worry, I'm training him to deal with it. He's going to be just be fine.” Drakius smirked but also sounded relieved.

Drakius left the room in search of Escence, it was time she was reunited with her brother.

Once Drakius had left the room, Black Out felt a little more relieved. He was starting regain his eye-sight and his body didn't feel so numb. He felt a few pricks of pain in his back, they weren't that bad, any normal kid would have yelled out in pain. He wasn't normal, he was going to be a soldier and fight to protect his own kind. He could never forget what happened, when he tried to save the younger child in the last battle. His death filled him with much sadness and anger. In his training, he was told anger was good in battle. Was it? Black Out still felt un-sure but his thoughts were interrupted by another sharp pain surging through his wings. He let out small groan, his fingers twitched. His knuckles feeling itchy again.

“Damn . . .” He mumbled,

He tried to sit up but a great surge of pain forced him to lay back down again. He gasped, gripping the sides of the bed as the pain coursed through his back and his wings.

A noise distracted him from his pain, he turned his head to left and looked out of the window, thousands of raindrops pattered on the glass as flash of light illuminated the dark room for a brief second. Whether it hurt to move his arms or not he didn't care, Black Out quickly grabbed the bed sheet and pulled it over him-self. The young boy closed his eyes tightly as thunder crashed. He was terrified of storms, but he always being told not to be scared for there was no reason to be scared of something so simple as the weather. Black Out had to disagree at that but to say other wise was forbidden too. He tried to hold back tears but it was no use, he was scared, he wanted his mother.

“Mum . . . !” He whispered harshly to him-self, he sniffed and then began to cry,

Another clap of thunder startle him, he curled up in his bed sobbing quietly to him-self, his wings aching with immense pain. He cried a little louder, wishing so hard for his mother, but he knew deep down she would never come, never again. He watched her die, so young, so beautiful, laying there life-less in her own home. Black Out weeped more and more at the thought of it, he curled up pulling the covers over his head, hiding in the dark from the roar of the thunder.

“Mother!” He called out, he someone approaching his bed, he knew it wasn't his mother but another another relative. His older sister, Escence. She quickly sat on the edge of the bed pulled up the sheet to see her younger brother curled up tears streaming down his cheeks, his soft brown eyes full of fear.

“Oh, Black Out! I'm sorry I didn't come earlier, I know how much your scared of storms.” Escence cooed as she laid behind her brother, gently hugging him. Black Out hugged her back, rapping his arms around her neck.

“You look just like, Mum . . .” he said through his tears,

Escence gently kissed his fore head and smiled, “Thank you,” she said, “You can be cute when you want to be can't you?”

Black Out just gave her cheeky grin.

“I'll tell you something, you get any taller and people will start thinking your the older sibling.”

Escence was right, Black Out was at an extreme height for his age, he just smirked and cuddled closer to her.

“Ah!” he suddenly yelped,

“What, what is it?!” Escence said, slightly panicked,

“My wings really hurt . . . and my back . . .” Black Out cried,

A few more figures approached the bed, Escence looked up, there was Drakius stood behind was two of the medics, both were female one was older with dark black hair tied up in a neat bun, the other was younger. Obviously was quite in-experienced, she looked a lot younger, her eyes were bigger and brighter and her hair was long dark and curled at the ends, Black Out also thought she looked a lot nicer than the older one who was holding a small metal tray with needle on it. The younger one glanced at the needle, she looked slightly nervous.

“Damn, I thought he would be asleep.” Drakius turned to the older medic, “Well?”

“Maybe we should wait a little while?” the younger one said,

The older one shot her a dark look, “Don't be so foolish, the boy suffered a great injury to his wings, an injury like that will cause the blood to clot in his wings during the healing. The main arteries in his wings need to be opened or we may have to consider . . .”

“Don't say it!” Drakius snapped startling Black Out and the younger medic, “It's going to have to happen now . . .”

Black Out hugged his sister tightly as the older medic approached him holding up the needle.

“It's just a simple injection in the joint that connects the wings to your back, young man. Trust me, you'll feel a lot better once it's done.”

Black Out shook his head, “No, go away!” He buried his head into a pillow,

The medic huffed angrily before leaning closer to the boy, the needle held up ready to inject the serum into his back. Black Out felt a cold hand on his back, he leant up and slapped the hand away then screamed in agony. He reacted to quickly, the bold movement had sent a jolt of pain surging through his spine and in his wings.

“No! DON'T TOUCH ME!!!” He yelled,

Drakius raised an eye-brow, it was going to be one of those days, the older medic turned to the younger one.

“I could use some assistance!”

“Oh!” she said quickly before she entered. She sat on the bed next to Black Out, Escence was forced of the bed by the older medic.

“No!” Black Out protested holding his arms out to Escence,

“Quick! Hold him down!” The older one demanded,

The younger one grabbed the boy by the wrists, his wriggled his arms wildly, screaming. The pain in his wings was only increasing, he screamed as the two medics held him down. The younger one held him in place, as the older one gave him the injection. Drakius could really do nothing but watch in slight amusement.

As Black Out felt the needle pierce his flesh and touch his wing joint, pain surged through his wings. He screamed out loud again, deciding on that night that he despised anyone touching his wings and he wasn't going to let anyone touch them ever again!