Silhouette's of the Coming Fire

Chapter X


Rain spluttered onto the the ground, it was heavy rain making the mud even more slippery as the soldiers in training crawled through beneath sharp wire above them. The assault course was rough and difficult and the fact that it was raining just made it ten times more difficult. The purpose of this excersize was to gain speed and strength in tight spots and for one to learn to keep the wings low enough so there not to be spotted in enemy territory. Every time someone's wings were to be scene by the training officers, gun fire would ring out as part of the excersize.

Black Out flinched in in fear as he heard the gun fire, the rain hit down hard, he was cold, wet and tired and longed for a warm bed. He had been training like this for at least year now, his bones ached and his mind ached from all the pressure, he was only fourteen in human ages, well, since one year had passed, he was now technically at one-hundred and forty one.

Black Out looked up ahead, the end of the course was in sight. He trudged through the mud as quickly as possible, just a few more meters, just a few more. Unfortunately, he moved two quickly. His wings stretched up snagging on the wire.

“AH!!! HELL NO!!!” He yelled out through gritted teeth,

He struggled to get loose, oh how he hated the feeling of anything touching his wings. He pulled hard to enough to get him-self free but also ripping some of the skin as he pulled away.

“Hell with this!” He growled reaching the end of the barbed wire death trap, he stood and made a run for the finishing line, ignoring the gun fire around him as he crossed the line but he didn't stop there. Black Out quickly turned around, gun raised. In the real battle field there would be enemies on his tail, not literally of course. His own tail swished side to side in anxiety as the rain continued to fall. Still, no one appeared which felt odd since he was trained to expect the un-expected in any training excersize. Was this part of the ploy? Deceive them into a false sense of security?

Black Out cursed under his breath and continued to remain in a battle ready stance, he was not going to fail this excersize. Failure was never an option, neither was giving up.

The all clear alarm blared, other trainee's threw down there weapons, others fell to ground, some smiling in success, but Black Out still felt un-easy. He kept his gun raised, a cold and concentrated look remained upon his face.

“Hey, what's up with him?” Someone said,

Someone approached Black Out, “Hey, relax, it's over.”

“No, in the real field it wouldn't be over . . .” Black Out sneered quietly, keeping his perfect battle ready stance,

“Hey, its was just and excersize, nothing for real is happening!”

Black Out's eyes narrowed, “Oh yeah, we're are the training officers then?”

The others looked around nervously, Black Out was right, other than the ten trainee's everyone else had just vanished.

“Come on, surprise me!” Black Out growled,

Out of no where, gun fire suddenly rang out. All the trainee's ran for over, Black Out took aim and fired one shot before ducking behind a supply barrel. He sniffed at the wood, it was filled with fuel. Bad hiding place, a bullet could spark an explosion and take him out. Black Out made a quick run for the supply crates but was stopped in his tracks but a hard punch in the face. He fell to the floor but quickly got back up again taking out his sword and took battle stance once again.

“Not bad, not bad at all.” said Drakius smirking.

Black Out rolled his eyes as his wings and tail drooped in exhaustion, “You . . .” he gasped for breath, “Are a total . . .”

Drakius chuckled, “I know, you don't have to say it!” Drakius looked behind Black Out and signalled to the training officers who had re-appeared holding there guns, some chuckling at the baffled trainee's.

“Well done, your the only one who paid good attention.” Drakius said, his voiced raised so that everyone heard,

Black Out shrugged his shoulders as he saw some of his peers glare at him.

“It was nothing really . . .”

Drakius raised and eye-brow, “Nothing? Proves your learning fast, remember what you were like last year, even then you improved some what, but your timing and stance was perfect this time round,” Drakius noticed the ripped skin on Black Out's wing, “Got a little caught up, I see?”

Black Out shrugged again, the shivered, the rain made him feel cold at least it wasn't so heavy any more.

“You've earned some rest, the rest of you go through the course again!”

Black Out groaned and quickly scuttled away, hell, was he going to receive some verbal beatings later, maybe even a few physicals.

Black Out dropped the training weapons and sat down on the bench, the room was fairly small but large enough for the trainee's to easily suit up in. Metal cabinets and cupboards stored various things such as weapons, equipment, each trainee had there own to store there equipment. Each had there unique skills so size and storage capacity depended on what rank you were in. Black Out was all about speed and stealth, yet keeping a good amount strength and fire power if need be so his locker contained mostly combat knives, a pistol and stun rifle. Black Out preferred hand to hand combat but he could full-fill his duties just as well when given a gun. He had a perfect shot almost every time. It was his impressive and almost perfect skill that made him stand out, he wish he didn't. It didn't sit well with his fellow peers.

Black Out sighed and squeezed the ends of his long black hair, a small puddle of water formed on the floor, he grabbed a towel and rubbed his hair dry then tied it back as he checked his equipment, standard protocol, equipment had to be in one-hundred percent good condition in case of any emergency. His attention was caught by the noise of the trainee's piling in after there extra training session, which they were none to happy about. They all glared at Black Out as they piled in, as one passed him the shoved him in the back, the other pinched his wing to which Black Out turned around swiftly smashed the little sod in the face. Having the unique condition on his hands, the extra set of claws that grew from his knuckles only made the punch more painful than usual. Translucent blood poured from the wound.


Black Out glared daggers at him, “Think twice about touching my wings, I can do worse . . .”

A few of the others laughed, while some continued to glare at Black Out, someone helped the young soldier-to-be with his blooded nose.

A young girl on the far side of the room laughed at the chaos whilst tending to her wound, she gave Black Out a thumbs up then carried on with her business.

Three hours later . . .

Escence stood out-side the work-shop, her sensitive ears listening to some machinery whir and click, she was such a good mechanic she knew what tools each sound belonged to what task that tool was meant to carry out. Drakius was in there, working on something. Something mad and eccentric no doubt, something which everyone else would love and want to try out where as Escence strongly disagreed with such tools of war.

She felt everyone was losing there way as pale skins, they were meant to be peaceful artisans. The war had twisted a lot people in many different ways. Escence couldn't bear it, all this war and destruction, she hated the fact that the soldiers complained about the war but none were willing to make peace with the blue skins. The irony was that it could end the war sooner than the violent option would. She sighed, everyone said how they hated the blue skins for what they have done, how the persecuted her kind, but now it just seemed like they were becoming just like the thing they wanted to destroy.

Escence needed to speak to Drakius, on business, hopefully this time round he would stick to that. She hesitantly reached out and knocked on the door.

No reply,

She knocked again,

No reply,

She then slammed her fist on the door,

The door suddenly opened quickly, startling Escence. She leapt back then huffed,

“Don't do that, Drakius!”

Drakius smirked, “Sorry, I didn't know it was you . . .”

She frowned, “What was that all about.”

Drakius rolled his eye's “Oh, I'm working on something . . . something big.” He tapped his nose, “Top Secret, though.”

“Oh, I bet! Anyway, I need to talk with you, NOW!”

Drakius raised his hands, “As you wish,” He stepped aside leaving the doorway clear, “After you?”

Escence slowly walked in, please don't shut the door, she then heard the door shut, brilliant!

“Does the door have to be shut?”

Drakius didn't reply to that, “So, what do you need or . . . . . want?”

“Uh huh? I need to talk to you, about your methods . . .”

Drakius's grin got bigger, “Ohhhh, well . . .”

“Methods of war, dumb-ass!”

Drakius raised an eye-brow, “Now, there's know need to be rude, you may be second in command here but I am FIRST in command, my dear . . .”

Escence nodded, “Ok, sorry . . . I've been under a lot of stress.”

“Well then, maybe you just need to un-wind a bit . . .” Drakius said, putting on his seductive tone,

Escence rolled her eye's and put her hands on her hips.

“Going back to what I was saying before . . . I am getting sick and tired of your overly violent methods, Drakius, we're supposed to be finding a peaceful solution-”

“As I re-call, it was the blue skins that attacked first last time.”

“Yes, that may be, but that was after you raided there supply docks, destroyed it, then wiped out an entire sector of it!!!”

Drakius shrugged, “Yes . . . well, ok, maybe I have been a little bit to violent-”

Escence gasped, “Ha! A little bit?!”

Drakius tried not to glare at her, she was so beautiful, he still wanted a chance . . . he walked over to her, getting a little to close for Escence's liking. He put a hand on her shoulder and looked her in the eye.

“What do you expect from me, from the rest of us . . . we have suffered so much, it's either we fight for our race to live on or let the blue skins destroy us all.”

Escence shivered, “So, your saying we can never co-exist . . . ?”

Drakius shook his head, “No, never again . . .”

“But Drakius, we can't go on like this, look at how many are suffering, Pale skin and Blue skin alike, this needs to stop. A peaceful solution would prove more beneficial for us all . . .”

Escence stooped when Drakius pulled her closer, rapping his arms around her waist.

“My my, aren't we determined . . .” he cooed softly,

“Drakius, please let go of me!”

But Drakius kept a grip on the beautiful woman, his tail wagged side to side in pleasure of feeling her body against his. He smirked down at her as her cheeks flushed grey.

“You adorable, if only you could more of that determination into killing those parasites.”

Escence glared at Drakius, “They are not parasites, there people no different from you and me, they have lives, family, children? Do you want that kind of blood on your hands, you've killed enough as it is!”

“Thats not fair, I haven't killed any children-”

“If you carry on like this, you may do, you will and you'll regret it for the rest of your life! This needs to stop-”

Escence said no more, she couldn't when Drakius pressed his lips against hers. He had them locked in a deep pleasurable kiss. At least it was pleasurable for him, Escence couldn't break free. She didn't want him to do this but at the same time . . . she couldn't help but admit to her-self that he was stunningly attractive. Because she was so beautiful her-self, Drakius believed they were perfect for each other, but Escence didn't believe in such a superficial relationship.

She broke the kiss and looked away but Drakius still kept her in his arms.

“Mm-” He said licking his lips, “You taste so nice . . .”

“Drakius, please! Let me go.”

“Oh? Don't you want to keep me company, I'd give up work for a night with you . . .” he whispered,

Escence trembled and pushed him away,

“Just, think about what I said, the council want another progress report in a week, Drakius.”

Drakius stared at Escence as she went to leave, she said one more thing before leaving.

“Oh and Drakius, don't feed any more of that propaganda crap to my brother, he's learnt enough from you as it already, I don't want him growing up with a grudge like you have!”

Drakius grinned, “No promises . . .”

Escence sneered and left, “Ugh, I hate him!” she growled to her-self,