~ Silhouettes of the Coming Fire ~

Chapter I

Screams of intense pain rang out, the clang of metal swords, the fast-paced breaths, the scrambling footsteps of the less experienced soldiers. The sight was horrific as more and more as the seconds passed, more blood splashed out onto the battlefield. The location was a burned down husk of a once majestic city. Where once beautiful marble-stone buildings stood, there in there place was piles of rubble with no more use than a brief hiding place for those scouting or for those who were just cowardly. The battle was one that seemed to have lasted for centuries, a civil war, a division in there fascinating race. There appearance was human-like, stood on two legs, torso, chest, two arms and the head. What made them different was the fork tail and a pair of wings and the skin colours. Thus was the main reason for the division in there race. Five different skin colours in total, pale (white), blue, red, purple and pink. The civil war was not between all five, but was between the Blue skins and the pale skins. Through a pale skins eyes, the blues had always been the dominant race, always. Never open to others around them, they deemed themselves as perfect, even when the time came to unite the two races, they still let there selfish nature take over instead of accepting a new and better generation. Through a Blue skins eyes, the pales were weak, they allowed and accepted too much, that nature had no place for a just future! The fools needed to know there place! And so, after a particular birth, the torch was lit and the ugly face of war lifted it high! The birth was of the recently elected leader of the pale skins, though he was no where near pale himself, for certain reasons, they saw him acceptable for the job. Over the years, his name had come to be known all over the planet, some even feared to whisper it, only a very few of his own men feared him, much of the time it was a deep respect. History would make his birth seem the true cause of the war, in some sense this was true but this was arguable, his birth had conjured up many questions. Scientists were baffled, some even thought it was a supernatural event in the making and the war was just the starting point of an apocalypse, others (mostly the blue skins, due to there prejudice nature) hated him because he was an outcast, he was the first of a new breed, a new breed that didn't belong. The pale skins saw him as a chance of redemption, a possible hero to lead to the freedom they had once known. Freedom. No one seemed to know the meaning of the word any more. This tragic past of prejudice and hatred belonged to none other than; Drakius. Once defence-less and hurled into a constant torment now a powerful figure that was hell-bent on inflicting the same torture on the one's who caused him so much pain.

The gory site continued to un-fold as he stormed through the battlefield taking out one blue skin after another. There cries of pain were joined by the cheering cries of his men as they advance across the scorched land. Though there efforts were strong, the pale skins were severely out matched by the blues weaponry. Being the technological side of there race, they easily developed amazing weaponry with colossal strength that devastated huge numbers of Drakius's men. Drakius looked across the battlefield, his eye's widened with fear as he saw the blues were bringing in heavy artillery. They wouldn't stand a chance out in the open!

"TAKE COVER!!!!" He screamed,

His voice was heard by everyone, including the blue's generals who smiled at his coming defeat.

Cowards! Drakius thought to himself, they hang back to save themselves from this nightmare. A true leader would fight alongside his troops! All pale skins scattered to find a hiding place, one who was particularly young stumbled and fell to the ground. He felt the bone in his wing snap like a twig. Screaming for a brief moment, the pain was so intense that he passed out. A few pale skins had found refuge behind several piles of rubble, one among them was fairly young himself, no older than the unfortunate soul who had just severely injured him-self. His name, Black Out. Why he was here? Why was this happening, he wasn't sure, the last thing he could remember was sitting in his living quarters tucking into his lunch, then the next he was amongst this carnage. All he knew at this time was the order Drakius had screamed. He too stumbled and fell, but his injury wasn't severe. Merely a graze to his knee's, Drakius had taught him to pay no mind to minor dis-comforts, the important thing was to follow the orders given and that was exactly he intended to do if he ever wanted to see the world those older than him spoke of. He kept on running and leapt behind piles of rubble and scrabbled underneath a crevice between them and just in time.

On the other side of the field, the huge pulse cannon (which the pale skins had come to call: Giraxsus; meaning - "Murderer of Millions") was fully charged.

"FIRE!" The lead general ordered,

One flip of the switch, energy surged through the sleek, thin structure at the end tiny mettle tips spread across one another. At the end of each tip, a small glowing orb of blue energy ignited. A high pitch noise suddenly filled the air, then the pulse was released. A glowing circle appeared small, then in mili-seconds grew larger and larger destroying any thing within it's range. Some pale skins attempted to flee but the high pitch frequency was designed to stop them doing so. Pale skins were among the best of there species for heightened senses, touch, smell and hearing. The high pitch frequency hit them like a knife stabbing into there brains. Those who attempted to fly immediately fell to the ground and were then destroyed by the pulse. Black Out stared out of the crevice, his dark brown eye's filled with fear as he saw the pulse heading for his direction. He hugged closely to the ground. He had once heard someone surviving this way, how they did, no one knew and no one believed him but it was Black Out's best chance of survival as this point. He looked away from the pulse and laid his head on the rough dirt. It was then he noticed something, a pale skin, out in the open! He didn't stand a chance, no one really did but he stood less of chance out there! He wasn't moving but Black Out could detect his body heat. It was still regulating normally.

Black Out looked out at the pulse again, it was still a few miles of but in-closing, he closed his eye's and cursed before leaping up and running out into the open to save his fallen comrade.

From his hiding place, Drakius could see the young lad run out to help the pale skin that laid there motionless.

"What the hell is he doing?!" he yelled,

Drakius stood up to go save the boy but was stopped by another one of his men.

"Sir, don't do it!"

"I don't care! I'm not letting him die like that!"

"But there's nothing you can do, that pulse is to close now, there no sense getting both of you killed!"

"What, and let my own self preservation become a higher priority than Black Out's life?!"

The soldier said no more, Drakius knew he was only in denial. There was no use in losing two lives. He sunk back down to the ground.

Black Out heaved the young pale skin over his shoulders and ran back towards the place he was originally hiding, but he was nearly tripping over as the ground began to shake. The pulse was getting close, to close! Black Out continued to run, if he was going to die, at least he would die fighting! Drakius couldn't believe the sight before him, the boy had true bravery but it seemed that it would all be in vain as the pulse was nearing his location. Drakius slowly sank back down in his hidden refuge and rested his head on his knee's and rapped his arms round his legs. He sat huddled with nothing to do but to listen to the screams of those dying and the thunderous noise of the pulse. What if Black Out was dead already? This was one war casualty he could never shake of, this would be a broken promise.

He awoke sobbing, the pain was un-bearable. He kept yelling and screaming for help but no-one answered, no-one came. His wing, how? His memory was a mess, the battle, the screaming, he remembered falling, somewhere. He squirmed as the pain grew worse, every minute felt like and hour.

"PLEASE!" his voice screamed, "HELP!!!"

He lay on the dirt, around him, burnt rubble, dead bodies lay. One leg was twisted, both his arms were broken and his wings, he didn't even want to know what happened to his wings. That was the worst of it! He continued to scream until he heard footsteps, he then thought, his memory came back to him, the entire battle, the Giraxsus! What if it was the enemy that heard him! If he was this badly injured, surely no one was able to come to aid! No one friendly that is. The footsteps were coming closer. He screamed once more before a hand covered his mouth.

"Oh! Thank you! Thank the heavens your alive!"

Black Out opened his eyes and looked up at the one who had approached him, it was Drakius! He was all to happy to see him but the pain had grown so intense that he passed out. Drakius sighed and then forced a smile. The boy needed some serious medical treatment, but at least he was alive. He picked him up gently and held him in his arms as he searched for more survivors, a few men he had already found all sighed with relief when they saw him with Black Out.

"Hey boss! There's another kid down here!" One of them called out,

Drakius walked back towards the spot he found Black Out and peered into the crevice the soldier was staring into. Indeed there was another 'kid' down there, he seemed to be in a worse state!

"Think he's alive boss?"

Drakius shook his head, "Still, there's no harm in checking."

He gently handed Black Out to the soldier next to him, he then reached out his arm into the crevice and tapped the child's arm. No response.

"OK, so he's most likely a little out to lunch or most likely . . . "

"Don't say it!" Drakius snapped fiercely,

He reached his arm out again and pressed his index and middle finger of the left side of the boys neck, there was a pulse! Drakius let out a sigh of relief and began to lift the huge chunks of marble stone and rubble that encased the child. Being one of the most physically strong on his world, Drakius removed the rubble with ease and had the boy free in seconds.

"Sir." said a soldier whilst saluting,

"You don't have to do that every time you know." Drakius replied in a blank tone,

"Uh . . . sorry sir! Maybe we should escape the area while we can, Blue skin forces will be at our location any time soon."

Small chatters emerged from a few others whilst some grew nervous and continuously looked around for any signs of the enemy. Drakius knew his men were right, well. If there were more survivors, they would have to get themselves out of any situation they may currently be in.

"Move out!"